Peter Wilson's drama script collection

Film and TV Scripts


Original or adapted from stage versions to take advantage of the wider possibilities on film.

May be available on request as PDF documents.

Germ of an Idea

An unscrupulous "investigative" journalist causes immense harm for the sake of a sensationalised story. The original version for television, later adapted for the stage as "Whitefly" (see Synopses

All for the Best ...?

Written at the request of a student who specified the disastrous climactic incident but wanted some "feel-good" conclusion - a challenging exercise!

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

An unworldly academic mistaken for a courier is dragged into international scheming.Adapted in response to a trawl for scripts.Green EyesAn environmental activist causes tragedy through personal jealousy but finds a way through his remorse.

The Jester's Daughter

Intertwined mediaeval and modern romances.A completely re-dramatised version of "Ernscar" to take advantage of the possibilities for rapid scene changes offered by film.