Peter Wilson's drama script collection


A year’s cycle in West Cumbria

Peter D. Wilson
Completed June 2001  Copyright © 2001
, 2016


Swallows assembling
preparing for their journey;
when will they return?

Rain in the morning;
a break in the clouds lets in
gold-rimmed shafts of light.

Bright sun on the waves -
a stiff breeze snatches the foam
hurling it inland.

Clouds break after rain;
the evening sun casts strange light
under darkened sky.

A silent passage
pale on the edge of vision;
the barn owl hunting.

Clouds drift on the hills
clothing and baring the tops.
Fresh snow where they pass.

A blanket of snow;
small birds avidly crowding
the swinging nut cage.

The valley snowbound;
the lake-head hills mantled in white,
contrast blue shadows.

Tail proudly erect,
nose thrust cold into my palm;
a loving feline.

A breeze stirs the leaves,
cherry blossom strews the ground -
such short-lived beauty!

Azalea bloom
gleams vivid against dark leaves,
an image of flame.

Hot sun and cool drink,
sandwiches by the river -
summer has arrived.

The rose has blossomed
from bud to full-blown beauty;
petals softly fall.


Cool air, warm river;
mist spreads across the meadow,
a ghostly blanket.

Autumn winds and rain;
leaves torn wildly from the trees
heralding winter.

Spatter of water,
sound of powerful wing beats -
swans taking to flight.

Pines line the high ridge;
behind them the full moon’s disc
silhouettes branches.

First snow on the hills -
how much more will follow it
before spring again?

Sunlight on the fells;
bracken golden, forest dark
or autumn russet.

Snow on the mountains;
shifting patterns of shadow
pointing the contours.

Clouds in the sunlight,
towering on the hill tops,
seem Andean heights.

Forsythia bloom
a golden bank against stone
in the Spring sunshine.

Gently rippled sea;
a pathway of fractured light
leads towards the moon.

A distant clamour,
a ragged V overhead;
geese heading northwards.

Tall spikes of foxglove
shades of purple and rich cream;
a bee seeks nectar.

The sun sinks seaward
red amid shades of turquoise;
clouds flare into gold.

Photograph copyright Peter D. Wilson 2001, 2016