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"The Nuclear Fuel Cycle" - Errata

P 35§2.4.7, line 1Ammonium, not uranium, diuranate

P 83§5.3.7Half-life of Np-239 is 2.36 days, not 23.6

P 117Table 7.1THORP started in 1994, not 1964; Rokkashamura 1998?

P119Fig. 7.2Feed pond, not receipt

P174Table 9.3Omitted

Table 9.3. Typical ILW streams at Sellafield


Typical Streams

Cladding & dissolver residues

Magnox and aluminium swarf, stainless steel and Zircaloy fuel hulls and ends, centrifuge cake (collected dissolver solids)

Reactor dismantling debris

Stainless steel, graphite sleeves


Corroded Magnox, fuel pond sludges

Effluent treatment

Ferric hydroxide flocs, natural ion exchanger, synthetic zeolite from liquid effluent treatment and barium carbonate slurry from aerial effluent treatment


Filters, solid scrap items, combustible waste (either low alpha, high beta/gamma or high alpha, low beta/gamma)


Glove-box wastes