Peter Wilson's drama script collection

Other Fiction (i.e. excluding stage works) by Peter D. Wilson

Stories are linked on this page; Film and TV scripts and Miscellaneous pieces are on separate pages.

STORIES in suggested reading order

Ermine An episode from an imagined childhood.

The Competition Written as a possible entry in just such a competition as it describes.

Culture Shock A missionary thinks he has Christianised a jungle tribe. How wrong can you be?

The Great Chaos A not-too-serious satire on politics and computer dependence.

On Wings of Song A choral competition leads through various intrigues and machinations to the resolution of a long-standing quarrel.

Flashback After a loss of memory, what is reality?.

The Legend of the Hurdy-Gurdy An ancient musical instrument found in a junk shop affects several lives.

Sunset Rather an essay on the nature of dreams.

Ernscar An inter-temporal romance; dramatised as "The Jester's Daughter" and further extended as a film script.

Garstein A crucial obligation is at last discharged through an old friend's visit.

Forster's Legacy The events described in "Garstein" transform the life of an English engineer.

Consequences A sequel to "Forster's Legacy" introducing other characters.

The Hand A very short spacer for a projected collection of mostly much longer pieces.

Graceful Ghost A piece of music prompts the resolution of a long-past infatuation.

The Empress of China Not the last one, but the next ...

The Gift A fictional character in the French Revolution completes his story despite the author's block ...... and to answer a reader's "What happened then?", an Epilogue extends it.

A Curious Inheritance, a novella developed from the "Garstein" sequence.

The Liar, a short story about dual personality.

Skiddlethorpe and other stories, monthly entries in the Daily Telegraph competition 2012.

The Dorianine Episode, an improbable medical discovery and the vast ramifications of its consequences.

The Ghosts of Erin, a fraudulent tour nevertheless proves interesting.

Anselm's Eagle, the improbable story in a mediaeval document is corroborated by the discovery of an ancient burial.