Peter Wilson's drama script collection

Play Synopses

Scripts are linked here (click on each title), or from the category pages - Brief Sketches, One Act, Full Length.  The author's representative will supply them in PDF format on application by e-mail and permits free reproduction for the purpose of amateur performance or private reading, but reserves all rights in other respects, and would appreciate notification (date and place) of any production.  Any other comments would also be welcome.

Film scripts are on the Other Fiction page.


Brief Sketches

Independence Day (mini-drama; 2m, 1f; 10 min)

A teenage son is at the stage of leaving home, but his parents too find advantages in independence.

Perils of Travel (conversation piece; 2f; 10 min)

Two young professional women, awaiting a flight to a meeting, discuss a missing passenger, security issues, and why not to travel in a business suit.

Crash (mini-drama; 2f; 8 min)

A teenage girl, who may or may not be dreaming, is visited by a friend who may or may not have stolen the first's boy-friend, and has been involved in a horrendous road accident.

Inn Memory (mini-drama; 2f; 8 min)

Why is the visitor alarmed by a completely peaceful rural scene?


One Act

Good Intentions (comedy; 3m, 3f; 50 min)
George means well but lacks won't-power, and events conspire against his good intentions. Fortunately his progress down the road so paved never reaches its proverbial destination.

Danube Moon (comedy; 2m, 2f; 30 min)
A disagreeable divorcee unexpectedly encounters her ex-husband on a river cruise, and quite against her intentions helps him out of a desperate situation.

Whitefly (drama; 2m, 3f, 1 either; 40 min)
An unscrupulous journalist causes disaster to a small community in her determination not to let the truth get in the way of a good story about a local project.(Adapted for the stage from an original written for television, given in the "Other fiction" section.)

Nemesis (dark-grey comedy; 1m, 2f; 30 min)
"Hell is other people" said Sartre, but Alan, his wife and mistress find otherwise; and who has murdered whom, or doesn't it matter?

Coincidence (comedy; 3m, 3f; 30 min)
A series of outrageous coincidences reunites several old acquaintances.

Green Eyes (drama; 3m, 2f; 45 min)
Sally and Kevin are keen environmentalists. Kevin becomes unreasonably jealous of Sally's contacts with a specialist she has interviewed for the local newspaper and accidentally causes his death, with subsequent agonies of remorse. This drives them apart until he comes to forgive himself.

Fish out of Water (comedy; 8m, 17f, 1 m or f; 60 min)
Among a mixed bunch of passengers on a river cruise, one is the object of particular interest for several others, but insists that he is not who they think; or is he?

Waiting (drama; 10m, 10f; 45 min)
A busload of passengers is left stranded and wondering why; the reason proves more drastic than they could have imagined, but to have compensations.

Full Length

Sonata in B Flat (2 act supernatural comedy; 4m, 2f; 90 min)
Past events return to haunt Mike and June until a long-lost manuscript is recovered, while their teenage son’s new girl-friend turns out to have much more to do with it than first appears.

Back to Bethulia (3 act drama; 4m, 3f; 100 min)
In an original story from the Apocrypha, Judith pretended desertion to a besieging army, received the utmost consideration, and repaid hospitality by murdering her host in his sleep. This variation on the theme, set in an unspecified but more nearly contemporary time and place, has Judith as a schoolmistress defending the honour of her pupils at the expense of her own in a deeply conservative society, during a period of political unrest towards the negotiated close of a military occupation.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear (3 act political drama, 3m, 3f)
A visitor to an academic conference behind the Iron Curtain is mistaken for an emissary to dissident groups with consequences that appear to be tragic; but nothing is quite as it seems.

The Jester's Daughter (2 act, "almost a fairy tale," 6m, 3f)
Two romances centuries apart are linked by a mediaeval portrait and the schemes of 15th century magnates.